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Med Routes

Med A

This long established route is extremely popular with our clients to the Mediterrannean and terminates at Narbonne. Go to Paris to see the stunning French Capital, Nemours to see the scenic Forest of Fontainbleu, Auxerre for the Camino, Beaune for Parc Regional du Morvan and south to Jura Mountains. Macon & Lyon head to the French Alps for those climbs! Valence for Classic Mountain passes! Orange for Mont Ventoux. Montpellier for the Cevennes and Gorges du Tarn. Narbonne for the Pyrenees, etc

Med B

This route runs via Calais, Thionville and Nancy to allow access to Belgium, Germany and Switzerland, Beaune for the Parc du Morvan and South to the Jura mountains - Low gears needed! Macon for the Alps and the Massif Central for excellent cycling, Lyon for Jura Mountains, French Alps and Lyonnais Mountains for those climbs. Valence for those Classic Mountain passes and terminating at Orange for the Mont Ventoux.

Med A - Express

This new Express route will take you from the UK, operating via Orange, Montpellier, Narbonne and Rosas (only on the 13th Sept) .

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